Website Management Training

Learn how to effectively manage a website using Wordpress.

  • Free - funded by us!
  • 3 hours
  • Online training
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Course introduction

Do you know your SaaS free trial page from your lead generation landing page?

Pretty much every business has a website, and someone needs to manage it. Think of the website as the business' shop window. The day-to-day management of websites often falls to the marketing department in conjunction with the IT department and hosting provider.

This training course covers off the basics of managing a website from a content standpoint and includes how to update a website and create a landing page, how to plan the creation of a website, how to use Wordpress to update content, post blogs on a daily basis and use widgets and plugins to showcase information. We focus on Wordpress as it's the most common web and blogging platform out there and most employers will expect you to have used it or come into contact with it.

Every business has a different objective for engaging and converting their customers. An ecommerce website is primarily concerned with driving a customer towards purchase. A B2B service website such as a marketing agency will use landing pages to gain a lead from another business and a SaaS website will entice the visitor to sign-up for a free trial. We will teach you all about these different types of websites and the onsite mechanics companies use to make the sale or get the lead.

Who's it for?

  • Media and marketing recent grads who want to learn practical skills to manage a website.
  • Other graduates who want to learn about website management.
  • Career changers who want to work as a digital marketer.
  • School leavers who’d like to gain a foundation in digital marketing.
  • Anyone who’d like to learn the basics before starting an apprenticeship.

At a glance

  • Takes 3 hours
  • Free - funded by us
  • Beginner level
  • 3 modules and 7 videos
  • 4 quizzes

What will I learn about?

Module 1 - Different types of websites and platforms.

  • Lesson 1 - Course introduction
  • Lesson 2 - Different types of websites
  • Lesson 3 - Different types of web platforms
  • Quiz 1 - Different types of websites and web platforms

Module 2 - Planning a website

  • Lesson 4 - What to think about when planning a website
  • Quiz 2 - What to think about when planning a website or web page

Module 3 - Understanding landing pages and using Wordpress

  • Lesson 5 - Deconstructing a landing page
  • Lesson 6 - Different types of landing page explained
  • Quiz 3 - Key features of landing pages
  • Lesson 7 - How to use Wordpress
  • Quiz 4 - How to use Wordpress
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