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Kickstart your career in software development

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  • 5 hours
  • Online training
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Course introduction

Learn what it's like being a professional software developer from industry experts.

The satisfaction you get from creating amazing code is unmatched — but we don't have to tell you that. The chances are, if you're considering completing this training course, you can already code and you are about to embark on a career in software development.

Unlike some other technical jobs, as a software developer, your products and results are easy to see after you design something — you can even test it out straight away. Whether it’s a website that you are designing or lines of new code you're adding to future tech and apps, the results are generally clear.

This training will not teach you to code, but it will teach you what it's actually like to work as a professional software developer in a tech or media company.

You'll also learn the soft and interpersonal skills that are required to have a fulfilling software development career, and you'll learn what it's going to be like when you start your new role.

Who's it for?

  • Computer Science graduates and undergraduates that can code.
  • Code self-learners who are looking for their first professional development roles.
  • Career changers who have completed online courses in web development.
  • Technical people and coders who want to see if a career in software development is for them.

At a glance

  • Takes 5 hours
  • Free - funded by us
  • Beginner level
  • 3 modules and 17 videos
  • 3 quizzes

What will I learn about?

Module 1 - Kickstarting your career in software development

  • Introduction - What this training covers
  • Lesson 1 - An introduction to software development
  • Lesson 2 - Getting a job as a junior developer
  • Lesson 3 - The 8 soft skills junior developers need
  • Lesson 4 - What to expect when you start your new job
  • Lesson 5 - Rewards, compensation and career progression

Module 2 - Preparing you for a career in software development

  • Lesson 6 - 6 things every junior developer should know
  • Lesson 7.1 - The Modern Development Process part 1
  • Quiz 1 - Agile development & Lean Methodology
  • Lesson 7.2 - The Modern Development Process part 2
  • Quiz 2 - Dev Ops
  • Lesson 8 - Languages and frameworks
  • Lesson 9 - What are the main tools you will likely be using as a developer?
  • Lesson 10 - About the job
  • Lesson 11 - A day in the life of a developer
  • Quiz 3 - Languages and frameworks

Module 3 - How to get a job as a junior developer

  • Lesson 12 - Applying for roles
  • Lesson 13 - Interview advice
  • Lesson 14 - How to get enough coding experience
  • Lesson 15 - Extra curricular activities
  • Further reading
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